Apple iPad Pro with OLED display is scheduled to launch next year

Some iPhones and Apple Watches already have OLED displays. In the case of iPads and MacBooks, on the other hand, the change is still pending.
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Apple hasn’t set any records when it comes to adopting OLED displays. On the contrary, the Californians have so far been somewhat slow and hesitant. Some iPhones and Apple Watches already have the technology on board. In the case of iPads Pros and MacBooks, on the other hand, the change is still pending. Rumors of OLED displays linger, however, and according to a new report from research firm Omdia, the iPad could be at the forefront.

To be more precise, the upcoming 11 and 13 inch models of the Apple iPad Pro, which will be unveiled in 2024. Production is scheduled to start in the first quarter of next year. The source claims that Apple plans to adopt low-temperature multicrystalline oxide (LTPO) OLED panels. This substrate represents the spearhead of current OLED technology, which would fit Apple’s normal high-end strategy. Especially considering it’s the Pro line. The mini LED LCD panels of the current Apple iPad Pro models are also among the best LCD displays.

Nevertheless, the switch to OLED offers many advantages. The perfect black tones and granular light control per pixel deliver excellent contrast and are perfect for HDR. There are also energy efficiency benefits, plus Apple could push even higher brightness levels. In addition, LTPO technology should allow for very dynamic refresh rate adjustments to save even more power.

Unfortunately, the report does not only bring good news. So far it has been rumored that OLED panels will come to the first MacBooks by the end of 2024. Instead, they should be significantly delayed and the first products will not come onto the market until 2027. The first MacBook Fold may already be ready by then.


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