Apple iPad Fold will compete with iPad Mini in 2026

The iPad mini has been one of the cheapest tablets from Cupertino to date. That could change with the foldable Apple iPad Fold.
Apple iPad Fold

Apple is considering launching its first foldable device in the next few years. The Apple iPad Fold could be 7 to 8 inches when closed. This means it could replace the 8.3-inch iPad mini, as the Korean website The Elec reports. According to the report, Apple considers a time frame for the market launch between 2026 and 2027. However, Apple is also actively developing an OLED iPad mini. So it is still unclear what the type and specifications of the foldable device will be.

According to reports, there is still a lot of speculation in the industry about whether it will be a foldable iPhone or an Apple iPad Fold. Samsung Display and LG Display have reportedly sent samples of 7-inch and 8-inch foldable panels to Apple since last year. Of the panel manufacturers, Samsung is said to be more active in the development of foldable Apple panels than LG. Therefore, Samsung is the more likely main supplier of a foldable panel if Apple decides to release it in 2026.

Apple, Samsung Display and LG Display reportedly also have “different ideas” about the ultra-thin glass material. The cover material of the foldable panel and the hinge concept are also still the subject of intensive discussions. Apparently he reason is different views on the durability and reliability of the mechanism and materials. As soon as mass production starts, Samsung will probably produce the foldable panel in the A3 or A4 6th generation OLED line. On the one hand, Samsung has the most experience when it comes to foldable displays. On the other hand, the OLED panels for iPhones are already being produced on the line.

Back to the Apple iPad Fold: In addition to a 7 to 8 inch cover display, the Apple tablet should have a 20.5 inch main display. This would most likely make it the most expensive iPad of all time and would hardly be a replacement for the iPad mini. If Apple actually upgrades the latter to OLED technology, the Californians could also increase the price here while keeping the same dimensions.



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