Apple iPad Air 12.9 to get a mini LED display

The new Apple iPad Air 12.9 reportedly gets leftover displays from the old iPad Pro 12.9. But what will become of the iPad Air 10.9?
Apple iPad Air 12.9

The next-generation iPad Air is rumored to come in two sizes, just like the iPad Pro series. And while the next iPad Pro will switch to OLED in terms of screen technology, it looks like the upcoming Apple iPad Air 12.9 will inherit the mini-LED technology of the current iPad Pro generation.

The information comes from Ross Young of Display Supply Chain Consultants, generally a reliable source for this sort of thing. Switching to Mini-LED for the Apple iPad Air 12.9 would result in lower power consumption, better brightness for HDR content, and deeper blacks compared to the IPS LCD technology in the current iPad Air.

Apple apparently still has some mini-LED panels left over from the production of the current iPad Pro 12.9. Apple will now use these for the new, large iPad Air. That makes sense considering how poor tablet sales have been in recent months. Nevertheless, it is still good news for the Air series. And with the upcoming larger iPad Air model, those who want a 12.9-inch Apple tablet will soon have an affordable alternative to the Pro.

However, Young hasn’t said anything about the display technology in the upcoming 10.9-inch iPad Air. Therefore, the logical assumption is that IPS LCD panels will stay right where they are. After all, there is no 10.9-inch iPad Pro ready to donate leftover mini-LED panels. Also, of course, Apple is switching to 11 inches for the smaller version.

The new Apple iPad Air 12.9 is expected to finally be officially unveiled next month, alongside the new iPad Pro tablets.



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