Apple iPad Air 12.9: no mini LED display after all?

Last week there was good news in the form of mini-LED displays, now the opposite came - an Apple iPad Air 12.9 with LCD panels.
Apple iPad Air 2022

Last week, a report from a usually reliable source told us that Apple plans to use leftover mini-LED displays from its current-generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro for the upcoming iPad Air 12.9. This would have meant a significant improvement in image quality compared to the existing iPad Air model. But the excitement was apparently unjustified.

The same Ross Young from Display Supply Chain Consultants has now apparently updated his rumor collection. Accordingly, the Apple iPad Air 12.9 will not use mini-LED panels after all. Instead, Apple uses a simple IPS LCD display, just like the current iPad Air from 2022.

The reason is supposedly the high cost of mini-LED displays. But if exactly these panels were left over from the production of the current generation iPad Pros, that shouldn’t really matter. It would still be better to use them than scrap them. Especially since they are exactly the right size.

Accordingly, Young also says that a new iPad model with a 12.9-inch mini-LED display is coming sometime between October and December. He’s not sure what it will be called or where it will fit into Apple’s product lineup. It could either be a higher-end Apple iPad Air 12.9 Pro, or a stripped-down iPad Pro, or something else entirely.

At the moment, all you can do on this topic is wait or mourn that the iPad Air series will stick with ancient display technology. At least if today’s leak is true. The new iPad Air and iPad Pro models should be officially unveiled at an Apple event on May 7th.



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