Apple increases iCloud+ prices

If you're an Apple iCloud+ subscriber but don't use Apple One, you might want to check subscription fees for your region.
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If you’re an Apple iCloud+ subscriber but don’t use Apple One, you might want to check subscription fees for your region – Apple has quietly increased prices in several countries. In England, for example, 50GB of storage used to cost £0.79 a month, which now rises to £0.99. The 200GB and 2TB packages have also gone up in price. Not only in Great Britain but also in many other countries there were price increases. However, the Euro prices remain the same, which also applies to the US, Canada, Australia and India.

Here’s a quick look at some of the Apple iCloud+ changes and new prices.

Apple iCloud+ pricing

old Pricenew Price
Czechia25 Kč79 Kč249 Kč25 Kč79 Kč249 Kč
Denmark7 kr25 kr69 kr9 kr25 kr89 kr
Norway10 kr29 kr99 kr12 kr39 kr129 kr
Poland3.99 zł11.99 zł39.99 zł4.99 zł14.99 zł49.99 zł
Türkiye6.49 TL19.99 TL64.99 TL12.99 TL39.99 TL129.99 TL

But that doesn’t mean you have to pay – the free iCloud plan is also still available. However, the free version still only gets you 5GB of storage, just like when the service was first launched in 2011.

The good news, at least for Apple One subscribers, is there is none – prices haven’t changed. One includes iCloud+, TV+, Music, Arcade, and on the most expensive plan, it also includes Fitness+ and News+. However, Apple obviously raised the One prices back in October, so it’s little consolation.


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