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Apple could open iOS 17 to sideloading

Apple has resisted sideloading apps on its devices since the first iPhone, but that could change with iOS 17.
Apple iOS 17

Apple has resisted sideloading apps on its devices since the introduction of the iPhone, but that could be changing soon. According to Mark Gurman, a renowned Apple journalist, the next Apple operating system iOS 17 will enable just that. Sideloading is the installation of apps from sources other than Apple’s iTunes Store.

However, Apple has not confirmed anything yet. The upcoming Apple iOS 17 could lay the groundwork for sideloading in the future. On the other hand, the new EU Digital Market Act will come into force in 2024. This encourages companies to allow users to install apps from alternative sources. Accordingly, there is a good chance that the change will come with iOS 17.

Apple’s refusal to allow sideloading stems from privacy and security concerns. This raises the question of how Apple will deal with the new requirements of the EU’s Digital Market Act. There will likely be more information on the subject during the company’s annual WWDC conference. The first look at Apple iOS 17 should also await us there. watchOS is said to be a WWDC focus as well. The operating system of the Apple Watches should face the biggest changes in years.


Toni Hobrecht
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