Apple brings Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro to iPads

Apple Final Cut Pro is available for iPads with M1 or M2 chipsets, while Logic Pro runs on iPads from the A12 Bionic processor up.
Apple iPad Final Cut Pro Logic Pro

From May 23, Apple will also be offering its video and audio editing tools for iPads. Final Cut Pro is available for iPads with M1 or M2 chipsets, while Logic Pro is supported from the A12 Bionic processor onwards. They each cost either €/$4.99 per month or €/$49 per year via an App Store subscription with a one-month free trial.

Apple Final Cut Pro

Apple Final Cut Pro has a new jog wheel for easier editing. In addition, Live Drawing allows you to draw and write directly on video content using the Apple Pencil. M2 iPads also offer the ability to quickly view and preview footage via pencil hover without touching the display.

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro can also be used to view and edit HDR videos and apply precise color grading in reference mode. The Pro camera mode works in portrait and landscape modes, with the ability to monitor audio and manually control focus, exposure, and white balance. The M2 iPads also offer ProRes recording. With multicam video editing, clips are automatically synced and edited, while you can switch angles with just the touch of a button.

The Scene Removal Mask can be used to remove or replace the background behind a subject in a clip. Auto-crop adjusts vertical, square, and other aspect ratios, and voice isolation removes background noise. Of course there is also an extensive library with graphics, effects and audio as well as HDR backgrounds. In addition, there are customizable animated patterns and professional soundtracks that adapt to the length of the video.

Apple Logic Pro

Apple Logic Pro features Multi-Touch gestures for playing software instruments and navigating projects with pinch-to-zoom and swipe-to-scroll. You can record vocals or instruments directly via the integrated microphones of the iPad and then edit them with the Apple Pencil.

The Sound Browser stores all available instrument patches, audio patches, plug-in presets, samples and loops in one place. You can dynamically filter and test each sound before loading it into a project. There are also over 100 instrument and effect plug-ins. You can chop and flip samples, program beats and bass lines, and create custom drum kits.

When the track is ready to be mixed, the full-featured mixer comes into play. According to Apple, it offers all options to create a professional mix entirely on the iPad. Thanks to multi-touch, you can also move several faders at the same time.



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