Apple blocks Spotify update again in the EU

Spotify has submitted a new version of its iOS app in the EU. Apple continues to demand 30%, Spotify says this violates EU law.
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Spotify has submitted a new version of its iOS app with in-app pricing information in the European Union, but Apple has rejected it. Apple wants Swedes to accept its updated rules on eligibility for music streaming services. Accordingly, Spotify would still have to pay Apple a claim commission of 30% for in-app purchases.

Spotify says it won’t adopt Apple’s revised changes. Spokeswoman Jeanne Moran told TheVerge: “Apple has once again defied the European Commission’s decision, rejecting our update for attempting to communicate with customers about our prices unless we pay Apple a new tax”.

In accordance with the EU’s new Digital Markets Act, Spotify wanted to allow users to purchase subscriptions directly through its iOS app. But Apple refused. This is despite the European Commission fining Apple 1.8 billion euros for abuse of power. Conclusion: Spotify users on European iPhones must leave the Spotify app and purchase a subscription via the website.

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