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Apple AR/MR headset to be “significantly” superior to the competition

The Wall Street Journal summarized expectations for the upcoming Apple AR/MR headset and confirmed several technical details. The report reveals that Apple plans to unveil the headset at WWDC in June. In addition, many of the WWDC sessions will deal with the development of software for the headset.

However, according to the Wall Street Journal, mass production of the Apple AR/MR headset is not expected to start until September due to production delays. Apple is said to be “anticipating some production issues” with the headset, but there are no concrete details yet. The headset is said to have an internal display for virtual reality. Outward-facing cameras also capture the real world, from which the headset can then calculate augmented reality overlays. This combination is called mixed reality.

According to the report, the Apple AR/MR headset will be “experimental” and “unconventional” compared to most other Apple products. It’s said to cost around $3,000 (€2.753) and has a hip-mounted external battery. FaceTime, Apple Fitness+ and gaming could be three main use cases for the headset, the report adds.

While it remains to be seen what will become the headset’s biggest selling point, its capabilities “far exceed those of competitors” according to some sources cited in the report. Apple’s headset is said to offer “greater levels of performance and immersion” than some competing devices, such as the Quest Pro headset from Facebook parent company Meta.

Apple AR/MR headset to boost the entire VR industry

Renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also commented on the Apple AR/MR headset. Kuo is also confident that Apple will introduce the headset at WWDC. He also believes that the device will bring additional orders for Apple’s suppliers and boost the entire VR industry.

The most expensive components of an AR/VR headset are the assembly (Luxshare), the micro-OLED display (Sony), the dual processor (TSMC), the housing (Everwin Precision), the twelve camera modules (Cowell Electronics) and the external power supply from Goertek. According to Kuo, Cowell Electronics will benefit the most as the company has the smallest customer base to date.

WWDC begins with Apple’s keynote on June 5th. So we’re probably just a few weeks away from the premiere of the Apple AR/MR headset.

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