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Apple App Store Award: Here are the best iPhone apps of 2022

The tenth annual Apple App Store Award is here and the best iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV apps and games of 2022 have been announced. In addition to iOS, iPadOS and MacOS, the categories also include Apple Watch App of the Year, Apple Arcade Game of the Year and five Cultural Impact winners.

BeReal – iPhone App of the year

BeReal takes home the crown for Best iPhone App of the year. The social media app lets you share a regular photo and a selfie once a day. Once the daily load is posted, you can see your friends’ posts.

Apex Legend Mobile – iPhone Game of the year

EA’s Apex Legends Mobile is iPhone Game of the year. The strategy-based battle royale shooter brings the legendary characters from the Apex Legends series into a mobile multiplayer experience.

Gentler Streak – watchOS App of the year

Gentler Streak is the Apple Watch App of the year. The goal of this wellness app is to help users balance fitness and recovery.

GoodNotes 5 – iPad App of the year

GoodNotes 5 wins the iPad App of the year title. It’s a note-taking app that offers top-notch Apple Pencil support, collaboration tools, and PDF markup.

Moncage – iPad Game of the year

Moncage is iPad Game of the Year. It’s a new take on the puzzle adventure genre where all levels take place in a mysterious cube with unique designs for each level.

MacFamilyTree 10 – Mac App of the year

MacFamilyTree 10 is Mac App of the year. It is genealogy software that allows you to create family trees and add charts, statistics, photos and sound clips.

Inscryption – Mac Game of the year

Inscryption is Mac Game of the year. It offers a multi-layered adventure experience with surprising twists.

ViX – Apple TV App of the year

The Apple TV App of the year is ViX. It offers a wide range of Spanish Movies, TV Shows and Live Sports in a single app.

El Hijo – Apple TV Game of the year

El Hijo from developer HandyGames is the Apple TV Game of the year. The Wild West stealth game follows the adventures of a six-year-old orphan boy as he struggles through life’s challenges.

The full list of app and game winners can be found at the source link.


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