Android TV 13 is here

Google has officially released Android TV 13, but don't expect to see the new software on your TV any time soon.
Android TV 13

Google has officially released Android TV 13, but you probably shouldn’t expect to see it on your TV any time soon. It’s more of a developer milestone, as Android TV updates are generally slower and manufacturers don’t roll them out as widely as regular Android updates. Even Google’s own Chromecast devices only got Android TV 12 earlier this year.

Even if the OTA download arrived today, you’re unlikely to notice any major changes. Most of the changes in version 13 include backend extensions aimed at developers. This includes user-adjustable resolutions and refresh rates on supported HDMI source devices. Google reduced power consumption at the operating system level and the system can now pause playback when the HDMI signal changes. The AudioManager APIs now support automatic audio routes for supported audio formats and speaker groups.

In Android TV 13 there is a new keyboard layout API that allows selecting different language layouts for external keyboards. Keyboard and controller buttons can be remapped, which should make game developers happy. Google has also revised data protection. Hardware mute states, when available, are now reflected in the system privacy settings. There are also new controls for microphone access through the Google Assistant.

As said, it is unlikely that you will see Android TV 13 on your TV any time soon. As a developer, on the other hand, you can now start using the full version of the operating system on your ADT-3 development kit or Android TV emulator.


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