Android 14 shows battery health

In Android 14, Google added some APIs that report battery details like date of manufacture, cycle count, and state of charge.
Android 14 Battery health

A nice feature of iOS is the ability to check and view the battery health of your iPhone. This allows you to assess how intensively you have used the mobile phone and when it is time to change the battery. Surprisingly, the feature has been missing from Android for all these years, but that could finally change with Android 14.

The Battery Health Check feature was first spotted in the Android 13 QPR betas. In Android 14, as spotted by former XDA Developers member Mishaal Rahman, Google has added some APIs that can pass key battery details like date of manufacture, date of first use, charging policy, health status, cycle count, and state of charge. These APIs can be called by apps with the required BATTERY_STATS permission.

Anyone already using a smartphone with an Android 14 beta can install an open source app called Batt. Batt shows the number of charging cycles that the cell phone has already completed. If you want to find out more details, such as the battery health as a percentage of the original capacity, run the following ADB command:

pm grant com.porg.batt android.permission.BATTERY_STATS

It’s still unclear how accurate these stats are as the feature hasn’t been released for public use yet. Also, the values that the APIs return depend on tracking by the smartphone’s hardware. And whether the cell phone can track this data at all.

The presence of the APIs is a good indication that Google is working on the feature and intends to release it one day. We hope that the feature will be available on all Android devices in the near future.

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