After EU order: Apple to let Epic Games back into the App Store

Thanks to the Digital Markets Act: The long-standing dispute between Apple and Epic Games seems to be slowly coming to an end.
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Shortly after Apple froze Epic Games’ developer account, the EU Commission opened an investigation into the Cupertino, California-based company. The aim was to check whether there was a violation of the Digital Markets Act (DMA). In an X-Post, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney said that Apple will reinstate the European developer account. This is after the EU Commission enforced the DMA. The X post even suggests that the EU’s decision paves the way for an Epic Games Store on iOS in Europe.

The whole thing has now been a long-standing dispute between Apple and Epic Games. Apple does not want to allow third-party app stores on its own platform. Given the economic interests, this is more than understandable. But thanks to the DMA, this tactic now directly contradicts EU laws.

After further discussions, Apple says Epic Sweden has agreed to abide by the rules. Therefore, the developer account will be reinstated after Epic has agreed to the Apple Developer Program guidelines. Nevertheless, it sounds as if Epic Games will not go back on its commitment. Namely, to bring the Epic Games App Store and Fortnite to iOS in Europe.

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